Alt Planet ICO

Alt Planet ICO

Alt Planet, an exchange where the user becomes the owner.
Existing exchanges only provide users with a cryptocurrency trading service.
Alt Planet further offers a new platform where users can own token markets.


Services provided by ALT PLANET

Services that differenciates from other exchanges

Mobile application development

Alt Planet will be accessible through mobile application as well, to help users make transactions in cryptocurrency in various environments and make them easier to access

Support for purchasing ICO tokens

Participating in ICO usually requires complex authentication procedures.
In addition, investors need to be aware of a number of risk factors,
such as the possibility of mistyping the wallet address.
With Alt Planet, they can reduce such risks and participate in ICO more conveniently.

Progressive coin burn out

After the ICO is over, unsold tokens are incinerated.Moreover, to increase the value of APL, we plan to purchase and burn off the APL tokens every quarter when the market share of Alt Planet reaches 5%.The final goal is to reduce the total APL by 30%.

Airdrop supports for all platform coins

Airdrop means the way of distributing coins for free to early holders by predefined conditions.
Our priority is in the interests of our customers

Transaction fee discount

Alt Planet exchanges are priced at a 0.1% cheaper than average, and in addition, subscribers' transaction fees are discounted or free of charge in accordance with Alt Planet's activity criteria. -> Alt Planet is priced at 0.1%, and in addition, users who wholds the APL token can get an extra discounts on transaction fee.

Profit distribution of the PoS cryptocurrencies

Users are able to receive the profits of PoS cryptocurrencies such as QTUM and NEO by holding their stakes in the Alt Planet wallets.


We offer a variety of services and new platforms.

Innovative revenue generating model

Coin trading and exchange lease business model can generate new revenue for users.
It is a new platform for an exchange, and Alt Planet, together with users, makes a trustworthy exchange.

Secure and safe exchange

We thoroughly protect cryptocurrencies with cold wallets and multiple security systems. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is also used to prevent the access to important data such as privte keys. All data stored on the Alt planet is encrypted and stored in multiple backups in order to prepare for any data loss incidents.

Other various services

Along with the transaction fee discount events, Alt Planet offers a variety of services that other exchanges do not provice.

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Alt Planet ADVISOR

Michael Kim


Jace Youngjun Cho
(Blockchain Business Advisor)


Yu-Sik Kim
(Marketing & Community Advisor)


Wonhee Jo


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